Over 14,000 sheep drown after ship capsizes off Romania

2019-11-25 03:56:00
Nearly all of 14,600 sheep have died in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania after a cargo ship capsized shortly after leaving the country's Midia port. The rescue workers managed to save only 33 ...

Rescuers try to save nearly 15,000 sheep from sea after cargo ship overturns off Romania

2019-11-25 02:19:00
Rescuers are trying to save nearly 15,000 sheep from the sea after a cargo ship overturned off the coast of Romania. The Queen Hind capsized on Sunday morning after leaving the port of Midia, near the ...

Cargo ship carrying 14,000 sheep capsizes near Romania

2019-11-25 00:52:00
A cargo ship carrying thousands of sheep capsized off the coast of Romania. On Monday, rescuers including cops, divers, firefighters and members of the military continued their desperate attempts to ...

Iohannis Reelected President On Pledge To Build 'Modern, European' Romania

2019-11-25 00:21:00
Romania's pro-Western President Klaus Iohannis has won a second term by a landslide, confirming the pro-European trajectory of the eastern EU member state with a pledge to turn the country into "a ...

Candidates react to Iohannis' victory in Romania presidential elections / Winner claims "victory" for a normal Romania and most serious defeat for the PSD

2019-11-24 21:06:23 Hotnews.ro
The winner of Romania's presidential elections on Sunday, incumbent president Klaus Iohannis said as exit polls were announced that his victory was "the most important one against the [Social Democratic Party] PSD" and a victory of "normal Romania". For her part, loser Viorica Dancila of the PSD noted he appeared to have won more votes than her party in the European elections earlier this year.

Romania re-elects Klaus Iohannis as president

2019-11-24 20:32:00
"After this victory, there are many things to do, to repair," the former physics teacher said in his victory speech. "I will get involved in creating a new majority, made of the democratic parties, ...

​​BREAKING Exit polls: Incumbent Klaus Iohannis smashes rival Viorica Dancila with twice as many votes in Romania presidential elections

2019-11-24 20:00:00 Hotnews.ro
Incumbent president Klaus Iohannis defeated rival Viorica Dancila with a score of 64.8% to 35.2% in the second round of presidential elections on Sunday, according to an exit poll by polling institutes CURS-Avangarde. Another poll by IRES institute showed a score of 66.5%-33.5% in favor of Iohannis. It was a smashing victory for the man who ran for a second term in office, as Romanians showed up at polling stations in larger numbers than in the first round of elections to vote in what was seen a popular rebuke to Dancila's Social Democratic government of recent years.

Voting out corruption in Romania

2019-11-24 19:48:00
Plus, could science be about to end Dengue fever with the use of bacteria found in some mosquitos? (Image: An Orthodox nun casts her ballot in Romania. Photo by Daniel Mihailescu/ AFP/ Getty Imagea) ...

Cargo Ship With Almost 15,000 Sheep Overturns Near Romania

2019-11-24 18:50:00
A ship carrying almost 15,000 sheep overturned on Sunday in the Black Sea near Romania, according to news reports, setting off a desperate effort to rescue the animals and renewing a focus on the ...