Click through to see these slobbery kisses: Romania hosts show for exotic pets

2017-03-22 13:23:00
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A tabby feline with big furry claws, bald cats with shell-like ears and skinny tails, and slobbery wrinkled pugs were the stars as Bucharest hosted a show featuring over 1,600 exotic pets. The pet show in… Qualifying Print ...

Romania takes the European six nations

2017-03-22 13:13:00
This year’s Rugby European Championship has been one of the most interesting and closest in recent times. This series also was part of the 2019 Rugby World Cup qualifying process. The outcome of the Rugby Europe Cup came down to the final game between ...

Romania goes up in index of best countries for human development

2017-03-22 10:58:00
Romania is second to last in the Very High Human Development category of countries in the UNDP Human Development Report 2016, with a Human Development Index (HDI) value of 0.802. The country ranks 50th out of 51 countries in this category, ahead only of ...

A17 schedule: Radio Romania International

2017-03-22 09:56:00
ROMANIA Summer A-17 new frequencies of Radio Romania International from March 26 0000-0056 NF 7375 TIG 300 kW / 307 deg to ENAm English, ex 11800 A-16 0100-0156 NF 7375 TIG 300 kW / 307 deg to ENAm French, ex 11800 A-16 0200-0256 NF 7375 TIG 300 kW / 307 ...

U.S. Ambassador: 30,000 NATO troops to participate in large-scale military drill in Romania

2017-03-22 09:28:00
Romania will host a large-scale military exercise in July, which will bring together some 30,000 troops from NATO member states, U.S. Ambassador Hans Klemm said on Tuesday, reports local Agerpres. He made the announcement in Bistrita, where he attended ...

2011 Vodafone Romania fine case reopened for second time

2017-03-22 09:10:00
The case in which Vodafone Romania appealed a RON 120,3 million fine after being accused of abuse of dominant position in 2011, alongside Orange Romania, is being reopened for the second time, at the initiative of the High Court of Justice and Cassation ...

The mysterious LIVING stones of Romania: They GROW and MOVE

2017-03-22 08:17:00
Located in Romania, we find something that at first may seem impossible: Stones that are able to GROW and MOVE. Referred to as ‘trovants’, the curious stones have puzzled experts ever since their discovery. No one can say for sure how these stones grow ...

Romania bids to host EU drug agency after Brexit

2017-03-22 07:36:00
BUCHAREST Romania wants Brussels to relocate its pan-European drug regulator EMA to Bucharest from London after Brexit, the government said on Wednesday, hoping that the fact that it still hosts no EU watchdogs will help make it an attractive candidate.

Fortuna new sponsors of Romania’s national football team

2017-03-22 07:28:00
Eastern European betting and lottery operator Fortuna Entertainment Group is looking to up its Romanian profile by sponsoring the country’s national football team. On Monday, Fortuna CEO Per Widerstrom announced that his company had become an official ...